Located in the heart of Chichester. Shake-A-Delic first opened in March 2010 in Crane Street. Luckily for us it became extremely popular. After a very successful 8 years in our small shop, the time had come to move on to a larger shop at the bottom of South Street to offer more seating and a bigger menu. We have now turned into a dessert bar offering a great selection of Gelato, Sorbet, Waffles, Cookie Dough, Pancakes, Sundaes, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Frozen Yogurt & Hot Drinks. Come and visit us, meet our friendly staff and try one of our delicious items.


Shake-A-Delic sells an almost limitless range of delicious, freshly prepared milkshakes. These shakes are all made using well known brands of chocolate bars, biscuits, sweets, cakes and fruit, as well as other popular snacks.

Whether you are ordering a Mint Aero, Skittles, or Oreo flavour shake, no flavourings are ever used, just the product you know and love, straight from the packet. These items are then blended with an ice Cream base (or fat free frozen yoghurt) and milk to produce the 100 plus unique flavours that make up our main menu. We also offer soya shakes, and ‘Hot’ shakes for those colder days.

Ultimately, the ability to combine flavours, add toppings and boosters, and suggest brand new flavours, means that the Shake-A-Delic range is only limited by the imagination of its customers.

Every day the Shake-A-Delic staff think up a new shake of the day, using two ingredients and a topping. We post the Shake of the day every evening on our Facebook and Twitter fan pages ready for our followers to check out next day’s shake!


Shake-A-Delic smoothies are made with fresh or frozen fruit, pineapple juice and pro biotic fat free frozen yoghurt. We have a list of our special smoothies on the menu and an option for the customer to make their own smoothie using 3 fruits of their choice. Our smoothies are very healthy as they give you two of your seven a day and made with our pro biotic fat free frozen yoghurt. We often have smoothie specials on the menu, the detox and breakfast shakes have proved extremely popular.

Frozen Yogurt

Shake-A-Delic natural frozen yogurt is non-fat, probiotic, and has the perfect blend of tart and sweet with an incredibly creamy texture.

Because our frozen yogurt is 100% yogurt – rather than a powder mix with a little yogurt added – it has more live cultures than most other frozen yogurt available.

Our frozen yogurt is not overly sweet and contains only a little sugar so is very low in calories. It is made using only completely natural ingredients.

We serve our frozen yoghurt in pots, with a large variety of toppings to choose from.